How often should I service my lawnmover, brushcutter, trimmer?
Petrol engines every year and electric equipment at least every second year, however, should the equipment work hard during season months, service should be done on a yearly basis..

Is it worth-while buying a mass-stores product or should I buy a brand name?
When you buy a brand name you buy after sales service and availability of spares whereas with most of the mass-stores products there is a problem to obtain spares.

What Other tips / measures could the public follow to get better / longer service from their gardening equipment?
Filter maintenance is surely the most important and easiest maintenance one can do. It is easy, simple and will make you save a lot of money in the long run. Sponge filters could be washed with soap and water and paper filters cleaned by blowing out the dust with an air-pressure gun or hose. Further to this one should always make sure that your 2-stroke mixture is correct on 2-stroke engines, fuel cans are kept clean from dirt or water and that you should not allow fuel to get older than about 6 weeks.



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